Charmaine's Names - I Can See Man's Harm (The Remixes)

It's a zip file including
Don't Let It Pass Me By (YouTube Remix)
Baby (Tun Remix)
Paranoid (Lurverly Remix)
Arizona (YouTube Remix)
The Sun (Original Remix)
Widow (Overdrive Remix)
Music video for Baby (Tun Remix), viewable below!


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Don't Let It Pass Me By (YouTube Remix)

A bus comes once an hour
And I can't turn my neck
I'm all alone out here
And my phone is dead

Blood's running down my back
And I don't know where else (and I don't know the time)
Time slowly passes, but no bus is
Don't let it pass me by

Don't let it pass me by

Got a bagel with my last cent
And I got just one token
Skater kids don't seem to notice
The bloody state I'm in

A zombie is locked in and walks towards me
And I don't know this yet (but he knows)
He knows I'm at the wrong bus stop
Don't let him pass me by

Don't let him pass me by

I was delivered a coup de gras
And no one talks about sports anymore
A healthier man than me or the zombie
Is walking towards us to wait for the bus

He avoids my intense stare
And talks about the big game with the zombie
I got on the bus without a scratch (hooray)
To add to my many wounds

Baby (Tun Remix)

If you want to love somebody, then you've got to learn their name
No one loves you if you're not trying (yeah yeah yeah)
If you want to make me happy, then don't call me by name
Call me dumb dumb call me boring (yeah yeah yeah)

For a minute there, I almost believed you, but

Nothing hurts, nothing hurts, nothing hurts
More than a low blow
From someone who knows you

If you want to drive me crazy, let me smell you can concieve
Can this daby have a baby (yeah yeah well maybe)
And if you want to have that baby, then there is a price to pay
No one lives with no one dying (yeah yeah yeah)

For a minute there, you made me feel a little younger, but

Nothing works, nothing works, nothing works
When you're feeling old
Now I'm feeling older

And no one helps, no one helps, no one helps
When you're feeling low
And you oughta know
From experience

Paranoid (Lurverly Remix)

Paranoid, darling I am paranoid
Paranoid, paranoid, darling, paranoid

I figure that I must be dumb
And everyone I know has been paid off
To make me feel that I'm ok
To watch out for my well being

But I don't know how I feel about that
That there's someone watching over my life
With money to spend on all of my friends
But no cash for me

Cause I'm poor, darling, I am poor
Paranoid, poor, and paranoid

You say that we've already met
But darling, honestly, I plumb forget
You know my face from the file photograph
And when you saw it, it made you laugh

Alzheimer's, I must be developing alzheimer's
Poverty, paranoia, and now alzheimer's

But I know just how I feel about you
You're the only one that I wanna do
You're the only one that I wanna do
Oh did I just repeat myself?

Has everybody heard what I've
Been quietly thinking to myself
What does it make you feel about me?
Why don't I have the same power as you?

Well, I guess that's cause I'm lucky
I don't need to know, I'm just lucky
To think critically, let bygones be, and to be with you

Cause I know just darling
I know just darling
Paranoid, darling, you are paranoid

Arizona (YouTube Remix)

Arizona's nice this time of year, or so I think
I dreamed it once
It was a homoerotic dream
About a friend who moved away

What's the difference between my neighbor and me?
I choose dark blue dark gray and black
He chooses turquoise brown and pink
I care about humans, he cares about his peeps
Had I never been with you, I would be just like him

I could have moved to Arizona, went to grad school
And been a rocket scientist, working from home
And married a stocking model, who loves me
But my brother, my brother, would still outshine me
Even more than before, and I'd feel guilty
When he's come to visit my desert
And my beautiful wife, who still loves me
And worries about my past, and she comforts me
And shoots my enemies, who I'm not aware of
With her boyfriend's gun
Who I'm aware of

The Sun (Original Remix)

You're pretty with money
And means to travel
I don't got no cash flow
I just stay at home

The sun that you longed for
Has risen and fell
The sun didn't turn its back on you
You still gape in the direction of 17 hours from now

I know what's wrong with most
The bones of ghosts don't rot in their homes

I hit you with insight
You couldn't handle
You hit me with knowledge
I would never know
If knowledge is power
And time is money
I would have the power
To make shorter analogies

The sun that I long for
Has risen and fell
The sun didn't play a trick on me
I am late in the direction of 15 hours

I wanna be your best friend at a party
I wanna tell you what I learned in school years ago
I wanna listen to your women troubles
I wanna tell you that I been there too
I wanna love you, but I just don't know how
I get the feeling you wouldn't turn me down, oh no
I can't promise that I won't annoy you
I can't promise that I would be turned on by you

Pictures of a fun road trip with cool people who know what's hip and have access to a van and money and time to go across country

There's nothing quite as trite as the sun.

Widow (Overdrive Remix)

I was married to god, but I killed him
Cause I prayed with my hands folded on my penis
Now I don't pray at all, so I started to believe in myself

I'm a widow
I'm a strong widow
I'm a widow, now you know

I was married to you without your knowledge
Devoted my life to loving you, constantly
Now you're dead to me, or so you tell me, so I love myself in the mirror

I'm a widow
I'm a lonely widow
I'm a widow, now you know what it's like

I don't know, I don't know what to do without
Someone, someone I can lose, howbout
We get together until you die, literally

I'm a widow
I'm an intentional widow

I don't know, I don't what to do without
Someone, someone I can lose

I want to be your widow

D O   O W N   L A D !   I   C A N   S E E   M A N ' S   H A R M   C H A R M A I N E ' S   N A M E S   D O W N L O A D !